Week in pictures // 11th - 17th May

by - 18:04

Not many photos again this week, as I am seriously slacking on the taking photos front, and I also haven't been up to all that much.
Don't worry though, next week will be completely full as it is Comicon weekend :D :D

What happened this week:

Started to make my 'The Flash' costume for comicon :D
Bought some light blonde hair dye. (Hair transformation is slowly taking place!)
Worked too much when it was sunny, and only got to enjoy it in my break
Went to the pub with Dayle and his friends.
Had usual but lovely chilled out time with my Dayle
My car decided to be annoying, and have an engine problem, so had to get it fixed.
... which means another dent in my savings!
FINALLY got to meet the adorable cat from over the road ^^

And that's all I can remember!
I'm super excited for next week :D

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