Week in pictures // 18th - 24th May

by - 17:59

It's been a very good and nerdy week for me :D!
I've spent a lot of my days preparing for MCM London Comicon that was on the Saturday, which included dying my hair (post to come soon) Getting mine and my brothers costumes sorted, figuring out whether I wanted to film it or not, and watching Back to the future whilst doing it all.

Saturday was so so good, I always love Comicon weekend, dressing up and spending the day getting excited and being a massive nerd, whilst talking to fellow nerds, spending time with family and appreciating the time and effort that goes into other peoples costumes just makes me happy!
I'm going to do a full round up post, so look out for that if you want to know more.

Because we had Comicon, it meant that family was down, which always means late night conversations and messing around at my nans house, playing games and having fun :D
My aunt, uncle and cousin live fairly far away and we don't get to see them as much as I would like to, so it's always fun to see them for a few days and I always really appreciate it!

Other things that happened this week:

I helped Jamie with some art/DT homework
Hung out with Alfus and Dayle
Saw Avengers again
Bought a slushie maker that doesn't work :(
Successfully sold a few things and saved a little bit more money :)

All around, the best week in a long while :D

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