Week in pictures // 27th April - 3rd May

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This is a little bit delayed, because I have had a busy end of the week seeing family, and a lazy beginning of the week because of bank holiday Monday, and being ill, but it is here!
It's nearly the middle of this week, but I didn't just want to leave a week out, so... yeah!

Last week consisted of mine and Dayle's Anniversary on the Monday, so we went to London for a day out, You can read a more detailed post about that here, and the outfit that I wore here.
It was a really lovely day and was nice to spend some time together :).
Dayle also had Tuesday off, so we got up early(ish) had pancakes for breakfast, and then went to see The Avengers! We wore marvel outfits in excitement and to show our nerdy fan-ness :D
The film was ridiculously good! and I already want to see it again!
After the film we went to Pizza hut and then had a chilled out evening :).
I ended up working Wednesday - Sunday, which was annoying, but I managed to do some things in the evenings to keep me sane.
One evening I went to a pub with two friends, and we decided to order loads of starters and just share them whilst we had a catch up! It was really fun and being able to mix and match that much food was so tasty, and actually way cheaper than a whole meal.
I finally got around to ripping some knee holes in a pair of jeans, and love them!
Over the weekend we had family down from up north, so we spent some time with them, which turned in to crazy story telling, laughing a lot and playing card games!
I love my family :D

Yay for good weeks like this! :)

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