Bed Of Roses

by - 08:09

I am a massive Bon Jovi fan, have been ever since my parents brought me up listening to them from a really young age, and then we all went and saw them as a family when I was about... 14? 15?
They are one of them bands where I don't actively listen to them, but when they come on, jeeze do I get excited haha, and I remember all over again why I love them so much!

I actually own two Bon Jovi tops, but this one is a little more weather appropriate at the moment!
My friend got me this one for my birthday a few years back, and I'm pretty sure she got it from America when she was on holiday. So this top is more travelled than me haha.
I really like it though, you can't go wrong with a dark band tee and some patterned trousers!

I re-kindled my love for this baby blue satchel bag. I bought it about two years ago from Camden Market, and used it everyday for a longggg time, but unfortunately for this bag, I got a new lovely spotty one for Christmas, so he was pushed to the back of my wardrobe for a while!
But now I'm going to give him some nice days out again, because I forgot how much bigger it is, and I do love to carry around loads of things :D

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