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As a pale person and someone who likes to wear make up I am constantly on the hunt to find a foundation that will suit my skin tone and the other needs that I want from a base.
I've tried a lot of different things over the years, from heavy to light foundations, from cheap to pricey, mixing foundation with moisturiser and actually settling for using a concealer as a foundation most days, as the colour just seemed to be a much better match for me!

That was until I stumbled into the Collection section of the make up isle in boots and saw this little beauty sitting there. I've never really tried Collection make up before, not for any particular reason really, just that my mum used Rimmel, so I used Rimmel. I'm a creature of habit!
But lately I've been trying to get a bit more adventurous with how I use make up, and see what else is out there to try, which led me to picking up this foundation.

The fact that the lightest option was 'porcelain' and not 'ivory' meaning that there was an even paler option out there for me to try was promising.
The formula is thicker than what I was used to, so it took a little time to adjust, and I had to use a brush to blend it into my skin instead of my fingers, but I was pretty impressed! The finish was a little bit dewy, which is fine if that's your thing, but I like to wear my base quite matte, so I added a little bit of powder over the top, which enhanced the coverage a little, and made the product even better!
It evened out my skin really nicely and the colouring was the closest I have ever got before.
I've been wearing this for about a month now, along side the collection lasting concealer (post on that to come later) and I'm really happy with them both! They compliment each other and make but skin look natural but better. And the fact that it was such a cheap buy as well just makes it better.
Definite repurchase from me!

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