DIY // Erase and Re-use Weekly Planner

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What you will Need:

Paper / Card (depending on the size of your laminator/you can laminate it)
Scrap paper or news paper
Water colour paints and paint brush
Paper and a pen / Paper and printer
Scissors and glue
A laminator and laminate sheets, or a local printing shop that will do this for you
Washi tape / Ribbon

Step 1:

Take your chosen size piece of card, and lay it out over some old news paper/magazine or paint sheet, to ensure you have a protected area so you don't get anything dirty or paint everywhere.
Get all your initial supplies ready, so a paint brush, the water colours, and some water.
(I'd recommend some tissue too so you can dab away any mistakes)

Step 2:

Using your watercolours and water, create the kind of background that you would like for your planner. I went for bright colours and a splattered effect (build the background with light and watered down colours, then flicked splodges of darker more solid colour on top), but you could do whatever you wanted, from a solid colour, to stripes, or even chevrons, which are totally in style at the moment!

Make sure to cover the whole page, and once you are happy with the result leave it to dry fully.

Step 3:

Now for the sections that will be for the days of the week!
I wanted my sections to be quite big, symmetrical and even, so I measured out the size I wanted on a separate piece paper, and drew it all out so that I could cut it out later, once I was sure I liked it.
I chose to have white backgrounds for my days as I wanted the writing to be visible and easy to read, but feel free to reach for the water colours again, and paint colourful backgrounds for each day of the week!

I wanted my planner to be evenly spaced out and central, which is quite difficult when there is seven days in a week. So to balance this out, I had a 2x4 grid and I added an 'Other Notes' section to fill in the empty box. This isn't necessary but I think it gives you more options and space for note making!
Saying that, who says you have to be all neat? you could just rip the rough shape for each day and have mismatched sections, there are no rules.

I attempted to hand write the Monday to Friday and the Other Notes, but gave up in the end as I'm too fussy and like things neat. but if you are confident enough to do this go right ahead, or if not print out the words from the computer or find them in a magazine!

Step 4:

Once you are happy with your days of the week layout and box sizes, cut them out and begin to arrange them on your background (make sure it is fully dry!)
When you have found a layout that you like, go ahead and stick them down.

If you wanted you could now create a title for your planner, such as 'Planner' 'To Do' 'Goals' 'DO IT' or anything that you think will motivate you to get your butt in gear and get on with them tasks!
But if you just wanted to leave the title and have more space for note writing (like I did) that is perfectly fine, it's all personal opinion! :)

*** TIP!  Now is a good time to leave your planner underneath some heavy books or magazines, to help the glue to stick and to make the whole page lay flat. ***

Step 5:

Now our planner is taking shape!
It looks pretty good right? but how are we going to make it erasable and be able to be used over and over? ...With a little help from our good friend Mr laminator!
I have a laminator from my Uni days and some spare sheets, but if you don't already own one, you can go to your local printing, binding or photocopying store or even a Staples.
They usually will laminate an A4 piece of paper for around £1
And some places will even laminate pieces of A3 card, so you can have even bigger planners! So  make sure you check before you make it :)
If you do happen to have your own laminator, then follow the instructions for your machine and laminate the planner in between the laminate sheets.

Remember to make sure there is a slight gap around the edge of the paper (I needed to trim mine a little bit) so that the two laminate sheets can touch all the way around and seal in the bit of card.

Step 6:

Now that your planner is sealed inside the laminate sheets, it is ready to be used and re-used!
All you need is a dry wipe pen, or any felt tip that is not permanent and you can go ahead and write down what you need to do!

When you reach the end of the week, just use a bit of tissue to wipe away the pen and start again!
If you have a stubborn marker just wet some tissue and give it another wipe.
I hung mine up on my wall using some washi tape (beware, you need a lot!) because I have no empty nails in the wall, but you could make a tiny hole near the top and tie some ribbon through it and hang it up!

What do you think?
I think it's a pretty fun DIY, that you could personalise for your own room, or even for someone else's as a gift. And it was so cheap to make!

If you make your own planner using this DIY take a picture on Instagram and tag me in it (@Sammihorsman), I would love to see your creations :D 

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