May Favourites 2015 // Video

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May Favourites Sammi Leanne

Hello lonely little blog, I've been a bit distant from you these past two weeks, so sorry for that!
I've been busy trying to see friends, whilst working more days, and looking for another job, as well as trying to plan and manage some Youtube videos, so my blog has taken a bit of a back burner, woops!

But talking of working on videos, I have one for you today!
(look at me with two videos in two weeks! :D )
Seeing as May has just finished, I went to write a Monthly favourites post for the blog, and thought screw it, lets do my first monthly favourites video!

It obviously took a lot more planning and editing, but I'm really happy with it :)
I plan on maybe doing monthly favourites videos every other month (if I can find the time) so watch out for them!


Let me know what you think of the video, as I happily welcome all feedback.
I'm going to try and start posting back on this blog again this week, which is good as I've missed posting. It's weird how quickly you can feel guilty about not posting!

So, see you soon guys :)

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