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A lot of people like to be creative, and scrap booking is becoming more and more popular lately; it's fun, preserves memories, it's therapeutic, and you can make it as unique and personal as you want!
With the hype of scrap booking getting more and more known with names like 'Project life' and 'Smash book' the temptation to buy the expensive kits and starter packs is very hard to ignore.
But the thing with any kind of hobby or creative interest is that it can be expensive, but only if you let it! Who says that you can't join in on something just because you want to save? or you don't have the money to go all out? No one wants a boring scrap book, and I want to help anyone out who is feeling the costly scrap book pain! You don't have to visit your local craft shop and spend loads of money on stickers, paper, pens, letters, big folders or any of that if you don't want to.
So here are some tips to help you start scrap booking but also to save the pennies!

Raid your cupboards

If you are already creative, chances are you already have some materials that you can use that you have forgotten about. Past creative projects , old art work, Christmas presents you never used. paints, old colouring pens and pencils. They may not look that glamorous, but it's what you do with them!
An old water colour set could be your new best friend, just add some water and you have unlimited background that you can experiment with, and it's so much fun!

**Tips! Keep all your bits and bobs you collect in a separate sleeve folder so it's easier to flip through**


Don't throw anything away until you have looked at it with a scrap bookers eye.
Old magazines are a good start, look through them for nice images, coloured or patterned backgrounds, letters or words that you can cut out and use. Also packs of patterned napkins can be pretty damn cheap and useful!
Look out for old birthday cards, plastic bags or anything colourful or images that you could use.
Wrapping paper is also very useful, you can get big reels of it from a lot of cheap stores (£ shop, Primark) for about a £ and this could be used over and over in so many ways!
Or if this still isn't cheap enough, visit a local decorating or home shop, and collect loads of wall paper or paint colour samples. most places let you take as many as you want for absolutely free without even noticing, and there is so many designs that you can use as background, or cut out or anything! Go crazy :D
And even if you collect things and don't end up using them it doesn't matter, they were freeeee!

Think outside the box

One of the main things you need for scrap booking is a scrap book right? (obviously) and they can be fairly expensive just for one thing. Yes they look really nice, pretty and new, but you don't have to go all out remember! An idea that I came up with and will be using in the future is to re-use old books. Visit your local charity shop, and have a hunt around through the book section. Don't look at what the subject of the book is, or anything about it's appearance really. Is it sturdy? is the paper quite thick? is there enough pages? and do you like the size of it? If you find a book that ticks all of them boxes then buy it! You can paint the cover, you can paint over the pages, or collage them, or build up with material so you don't even notice what the original content was. And best of all, is at most it only cost you a pound. Yes please!
(My local charity shop sells all their books for 20p, so definitely a bargain!)

Think long term and efficiently

Another aspect of Scrap booking that can be expensive is the amount of times you have to re-purchase glue, or a glue mouse, or double sided tape, which ever way you like to do it, you will run out quite a lot and it will get annoying and costly.
Depending on how much money and how 'pretty' you want your scrap book to be, there is two options for this section. If you want you pages to look as pretty and pleasing as possible, then always try and buy in bulk. Visit your local savers shops, or £ shop (can you tell I love the £ shop) and have a look to see if they have glue sticks in bulk, packs or 5 or 10, or anything that is most cost effective!
And if you see it, but are not sure then always get it. For a pound it is not worth you trying to make a decision and then going back again and they are all gone. If your local cheap shops don't have any options to buy in bulk, then look online. Ebay can be amazing for things like this, and if you buy in bulk you will only pay one postage cost, hooray!
Butttttttt... if you don't necessarily care too much about how perfect your pages look, and you just want to cram everything in, then your new best friend is Mr Stapler! You can probably buy a stapler for a pound, and then get a big pack of staples for (again off the internet) for about the same price. The stapler will last forever and you will very rarely have to buy a new box of staples if you are sparing with them and buy a massive box, Yay. Or maybe you already have a stapler at home somewhere? in which case, bonusssss!


Everyone loves some accessories, some nice stickers, ribbon or washi tape. Oh my washi tape! 
Again, you could buy in bulk to spread the cost over a long period of time but if you really want to save, then you have to visit them charity shops and cheap shops again!
Charity shops always sell ribbons, or little bits of material that you can use. Even old clothes can be cut up and used as ribbon. Visit that book section again and look in the children's area, there very well might be some sticker books or even books with cute characters in that you could cut out and use. Old maps! Second hand postcards! Keep an open mind and just have a good ol' rummage :D
When it comes to washi tape, you could use bits of paper or material. Or you could just paint little lines of colour on the edges of some of your pictures. It will give the same effect and will still look just as cool!

Look out for photo deals online

Another key element to scrap booking is photographs. Unless you already have a bunch of old photographs already printed out and gathering dust and just waiting for a new pretty life, you are going to have to print out some photos... or a lot. If you live at home and your parents don't mind you using up all the ink in the printer, then you are fine, buy some cheap glossy paper (I get mine from the £ shop, if you couldn't guess) and get printing! keep them in a little box to keep them all nice and bend free.
But, if you're not allowed to use all the ink, or you have already moved out and YOU have to buy the ink (ugh, being an adult) this could suck up some pennies again! So, what next? Search the holy grail that is the internet! There are plenty of photo websites out there that want you to print with them, and not with their rival companies. They will offer you '50 free prints' for signing up or certain deals every month with money off. And who said you can't sign up to all of them?!
Say you sign up to 5 different online photo websites, and they all offer 50 free prints! 250 prints for free!? Yes, don't mind if I do!
Be aware though, there might be hidden costs in the postage, so always double check and see how much that will be, as it might be easier to only use one or two websites for the freebies, pay for some pictures and only pay postage for two lots, Instead of five different lots where they postage is all a couple of pound each, which could be more expensive!
Just have a little comparison to check you don't spend too much :).

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how you could save some money but still enjoy the fun of scrap book, now go get started, Yay!

Do you have any other money saving techniques for scrap booking?
I'd love to hear them :D

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