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Lately I've been trying my best to not spend extra money, which means that I haven't bought clothes in months, apart from the odd little small binge, but I've really been feeling a lack of cute summer items in my wardrobe, and I couldn't resist buy give in to this need.
A trip to Primark and a small amount spent and I have this gorgeous little summer top that I absolutely love! It's was only £8 and it is the nicest colour, light material and cut and it is nothing like anything I already own. What's not to like!

I wore it for the first time the other evening, when going to a friends BBQ, admittedly it was a bit of a silly idea, as it quickly got too cold to wear it, with my arms and shoulders out, but I'm still happy that I gave it its first little taste of summer. Once it had got too cold, I wore this khaki green army style jacket over the top. (with a hoody underneath too!) I'm pretty sure that this jacket was originally my sisters when she was about fifteen. It doesn't get much wear, but I really liked how it went with the maroon colour in the top, and added a masculine vibe to the outfit.

I'm looking forward to seeing how many different ways I can style this top, so expect to see it on the blog a lot over the summer :)

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