Twenty Five Before Twenty Five

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I've been seeing these posts around a bit, and I really liked the idea of them, it think that it is really healthy to lay out some goals for yourself and try to figure out every now and then what it is you want from your life. I will actually be turning Twenty Five a lot sooner than I would like to be, and I don't know how I feel about it aha. I'll be Twenty Four in about Two months, so that gives me just over a year to try and complete all of this list! I've kept them quite achievable because of this, but I'll be more than happy if I can achieve at least half :) 

1.  Move out / be super close to moving out!

Dayle and me are super desperate to move out. It would be so fun and exciting to come home to each other and try and figure out how to do the whole adult thing, and to have our own space. We have started saving for a deposit on a flat or house, but it's going to take time. Hopefully by the time I turn Twenty Five, we will be a lot more closer to moving out and in together! Because this will make me very happy :)

2.  Save up

This kind of carries on from point one, but saving up is a good habit to get into, and it will always come in handy even if not for moving out. I want to try and save as much as I can to spend it on necessary things, rather than spend my money on materialistic things.

3.  Continue blogging

I'm pretty sure I won't give up on blogging, because I enjoy it so much, but I guess you never know with life and other things in the way, but I really hope I am still blogging!

4. Take better photographs

I've been interested in cameras for years and have an art degree, but I still don't know how to properly use my camera, I really need to work on this.

5.  Travel a bit more

I want to visit new places and go on adventures while I'm (fairly) young, so by Twenty Five, I would have loved to have gone to at least Two new places and see new things.

6.  Gain more of an audience?

I mainly write this blog for myself at the moment, and I have a teeeenyyy following but I would love to have more people read my blog, and to make some blogging friends.

7.  Make money creatively (even if only on the side / part time)

This week marked the first time that I have properly made money from something creative that I made, and it felt good :). I would really love to be a lot closer to being more creatively independent and using my Art degree. I would love to be able to say that I am somewhat self employed. I need to practice my drawing and painting, and explore trying to sell these or gain commissions! 

8.   Love and appreciate

Be grateful for all the things that I have and for the lovely people I have in my life and spread the love!

9.  Do something for charity

A few years back my sister and I did a 10k run for charity, and I keep meaning to do something like this again. It was fun and it's always good to help out.

10.  Get a tattoo

I really want a tattoo!... but I'm a bit scared aha. I've been thinking about it for ages, but I need to figure out what I want and build up the courage to get one.

11.  Find a job that I enjoy or love (and not work weekends!)

I hate my job. I need a full time job. I want to enjoy my job, if it's not too much, maybe even love it, and I totally want my weekends back so I can see people!

12.  Eat healthier

Food is amazing, but I eat way too much crap, and I would like to fix this at least a little bit.

13.  Improve my HTML skills and my blog layout!

I've been meaning to sort out my blog layout, but it takes wayyy too long because I don't really know what I'm doing, so I would love to have a layout and skills that I am happy with by then.

14.  Keep in contact with old friends and make new friends

I'm getting to that age where friends part ways because life gets in the way. We are slowly moving further away, and getting permanent jobs and I really don't want to loose touch. One of the main things I want to stick to in this list is making more of an effort, with friends, family, life, blogging, just in general. I want to know that I have tried my hardest!

15.  Be settled and content in my life

I'm also at the age where I'm pretty much freaking out about where I am going and am confused about what I want to do. So I would love to be content and settled with most things and working towards what I want to do and achieve. 

16.  Experiment more with my 'image', life is too short right?

Style wise I can be a bit boring sometimes. I've always been an admirer or people with crazy style and colourful hair, but never really felt brave enough to do it for myself. I'm slowly working towards dying my hair lighter so I can put colours in it, so at least that is one step!

17.  Be more creative, creating things for my home!

Like I said above I want to try and be more creative and figure out a way to make some sort of income out of this, but I also really want to just make things in general! My excitement for moving out grows pretty much everyday and I have all these ideas for home DIY's, so I would love to slowly build up a box of things I have made to have in our future flat and put around my room :)

18.  Sell most of my old stuff / clothes!

A while ago I sorted out my wardrobes and have a load of things that I'm trying to sell to make a bit of money for moving out, so I would love to have actually sold all of this unwanted crap before then!

19.  See a show at the west end.

I've only ever seen on show, and that was The Lion King when I was 11.... so I would like to see some more, especially Billy Elliot :D

20.  Go on little weekends away with Dayle

Because why not!

21.  Get more organised

Seriously. I can be very easily distracted, and if I want to start achieving all these things I need to organise myself!

22.  Make regular YouTube videos

I enjoy making them, and it's another way to be creative :)

23.  Do something completely out of my comfort zone

Something crazy like sky diving or swimming with dolphins! I just think it would be so fun and such a story to tell :D

24.  Enjoy life, and don't do things that I don't want to.

Why do things that make you unhappy when you don't have to?
I want to be able to say that I am happy, and I have done things my own way!

25.  Be happy

The main thing, that I have always said is that I want to be happy, and I hope that the next year and a bit brings a lot of happiness!

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