Week In Pictures // 15th - 21st June

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It's been another laid back week of blogging and seeing friends in between looking for a job and making things!
This week I had my first ever pillow commission, which was exciting :D so I've been making that and working out the little things I need and how to send it and stuff.
One day two friend and myself met up for some shopping, and a Nandos (which resulted in an accidental  parking ticket, booo!).
I read some more of The Walking Dead comics, bought some hair dye, bought some 'sugar, tea, coffee' pots... two years early.
Debated buying some Twinkies because of Zombie Land, but realised I probably wouldn't like them haha.
Game Of Thrones broke my heart, and got damn hella serious!!
Hannibal started again, and I lost my poop still not knowing if ALL THE CHARACTERS are alive or not... neeeed to knoww!
Friday evening one of Dayles friends had a BBQ, which was lovely :D and they had these adorable little lights, and we chilled in the garden and it was fun :)
Saturday night we had a tonne of family round for a pre fathers day kind of evening, and a catch up, which was nice (but loud) to see everyone together again!

Pretty good weeeeeeek!

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