Week in pictures // 1st - 7th June

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Look at me actually posting my week in pictures on the right day, rather than at least a day late!
(I'm trying to be more orgranised you see)

I have a fair few photos this week, but I also did other things and forgot/just didn't take photos, so to find out about the rest, keep reading :)

Monday consisted of a really nice day out shopping and chatting with Sophie and Rach, which obviously meant Primark and some lovely cheap food in a nearby pub!
I got a few cheeky bits from Primarniiii and really enjoyed the laid back and fun vibe we had going on :)
I had to leave a little bit early, as Jamie had all of his art stuff to be handed in that evening at school for his GCSE course work, and needed my help driving it all to school.
Turns out that he actually had some time to do some more work, and I ended up helping him do some more work on the Tuesday evening!

Poppy has been extra friendly lately, sitting near us, on us and laying on my bed loads, which is super adorable! But then again I also caught her drinking out the toilet the other day, so she's being both good and naughty haha.

This weekend has been a little bit busy compared to usual!
Standard eight hours at work being bored (boo) but then it was off to a BBQ with Dayle at one of his mates lovely houses. Yummy food, being all cosied up and telling funny stories next to a fire is always a good way to spend a Saturday night!

Sunday we visited Dayle's Nan and Grandads for the day. We ended up going to a little school fete, where his Auntie works and having a little go at some games and eating some cake.
Then back to Dayle's Nans for a yummy roast and some chilled out chats :D
Once we got home we went back to mine, and my family had finished having a BBQ and were chatting in the garden, so we got to hang out with them as well!

I love weekends that are as good as these! :)

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