Week In Pictures // 8th - 14th June

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This week has been a mix of happy and sad feelings. The time finally came for us to say goodbye to Rachel as she moves away to her first home with her boyfriend Craig. They are moving about an hour and a half away, which isn't too far, but in the schedules of life we probably won't get to see each other as we would like!
Because of this, we met up quite a few days over the week to make the most of the time!
One night, Rach, beki and me went to some pubs for a little catch up, and the Tuesday we had a leaving do at a local pub. It was really nice having us all there and hanging out properly as a bunch for the first in ages, with present (I made them the little stitched ring) but then as we said good bye it all got a bit sad again.
Super happy and excited for them both though, and can't wait to go and visit :D

Also this week, lots of sitting on my laptop blogging and Youtubing, whilst every now and then looking up jobs. And Dayle bought an Xbox One, so there has been a lot of me seeing him from this angle while I blog haha.

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