8 Photos Of Happiness

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I was tagged buy Kayla to do this tag (Thanks Kayla) and I really love the idea of it! So here goes :D
Here are the rules + explaination of this tag:
- Thank your nominator + link them in the post- Link the creator (Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet)
- Post your 8 photos of happiness (the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place, or feeling that makes you happy)
- Either choose to write a description of the photos + why they make you happy, or you can let the photos do the talking!
- Spread the happiness by tagging up to 5 - 10 other bloggers!

My 8 Photos Of Happiness

My main three, dressed up as Disney characters for Beki's birthday, and we all look so happy and I just always laugh when I see this photo :D It's quite old now, but I love it!

My older sister and me dancing around like nutcases and posing for the camera when we were little!
We both look adorable, it looks super sunny and girly. It reminds me of our old house and having no worries and the relationship with my sister before our little brother came along!

Our Uni bunch on graduation day. Damn I love these people haha.
We were together for four years battling through the ups and downs of an art degree, egging each other on and growing as artists together, as well as a lot of messing around, laughing and eating Nandos! Since we left Uni we haven't seen each other that much as a big group, because of life and stuff, but if we ever got together it would be the same as always! they will always make me smile and be my uni buddies :D

I freaking love my cat, like seriously. She had to feature on here because she makes me laugh everyday being her crazy little self and she is SO. DAMN. CUTE!
Best birthday present everrrrrr!

Little brother and me on my graduation day :)
This is probably the most recent nice picture of us, so that's why I chose it. I can't believe how much he has grown and how he is a young man now! I am stupidly proud of him and love the absolutely shit out of him and his crazy little personality. We literally don't stop giggling and being silly little kids when we are together!

Favourite picture of the boyfriend and me :) taken on our one year anniversary London day trip!
Look at him though :') ehe, he's so happy and damn handsome. (soz soppy)
I love him so much, and I don't know where I would be without him. I'm excited for our future and being with him or any picture of us two together makes me very very happy :D

This picture of Dayle and me makes me happy in a different way as the one above, It's from when we went to Comic Con for the second time together, dressed up as Superman and Wolverine :')
Just casually letting out our geeky sides together and loving ittttt!

My crazy family a few years back on fireworks night. I love them all to pieces and absolutely love this photo! I managed to set up a timer on my camera and balance it on a wheely bin so that we could all get in the picture aha.
Our fireworks night is one of my favourite times of the year, as we have a big display in our garden eat loads of yummy food and have a good ol' giggle! 


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