Northumberland Holiday // Part One

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Here is a little photo diary of my holiday to Northumberland with family and the boyfriend.
We stayed in a really lovely little cottage surrounded by views and it was lovely.
We did quite a lot of things, and thought I would share them with you so you can be nosey :)
I'm going to split the week into two posts as I took quite a lot of photos, so here is part one and days One - Three!

Day One

I'm counting Sunday as day one, as Saturday we were driving for hours and didn't really do anything photo worthy, and just got settled in and unpacked.
So on the Sunday, we set off to a nearby little river with some fishing nets and food and went tiddler fishing. (Nope, I'd never heard of it either) Despite there being no fish at all in the river, apart from teeny tiny ones that went straight through the nets (Cheeky buggars) it was really fun, if a bit cold.
We spent quite a long time walking up and down the river trying to see if we could find anything which just led to all of us nearly falling over way too much and finding it all too funny. Oh, and Dayle built a chair out of rocks because manliness.
Once we had given up, we sat on some camping chairs around the car and ate hot dogs :D later to be accompanied by some adorable sheep from a nearby field.

Day Two

On the Monday we visited a local castle in a village called Alnwick. I love me a castle!
 We wandered around the grounds, taking in the views and trying to spot all the sections where Harry Potter had been filmed, and having a pretty chilled day. We got some yummy ice cream from the food section and then left.
Afterwards we went to a book shop that was just a few minutes walk away from the castle. It might not sound that exciting, but oh my god it was!
The shop is called Barter Books, and it is amazing. First of all it is MASSIVE, it just keeps going back and back and doesn't seem like it will end. It is jam packed with books of all genre's and types, old and new, and everything is second hand. Oh, and just to top it off, there are lovely quotes and sections from books everywhere and there is a motorised rail way track and train on top of the book shelves that rides around your heads as you are reading. Love. It.

Day Three

Tuesday we visited a number of places but more of a quick stop off. We had a little look at Bamburgh castle from the car park and admired the view for a little bit, and also had a quick stop at a little local beach just to say that we had seen the sea! I love beaches way too much, and wish that it wasn't so cold so we could have jumped in and enjoyed the sea!
After these two little trips, we headed to a little sea side town called Sea houses and spent the day in the arcades, eating fish and chips, ice cream and being nosey in all the little cute seas side shops! :D

Thanks for reading, Part two will be up in a couple of days :)

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