One Year Blogging Anniversary!

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So I realised the other day that I should be coming up to my one year anniversary, so I had a stalk back through my history to my first ever post, and saw that it was today! 
Happy first birthday to Sammi Leanne, my own little small space on the internet that I love!
I'll be honest, for half of that year I haven't really known what I've been doing, and I've only really started properly doing blogging right for the later half, but that doesn't matter!
This blog has given me a lot of courage and confidence, and I have realised what I want to do with my life... even if it is something that doesn't earn me anything in actual money, but in personal reward, creativity and satisfaction it pays in bucket loads :)
I love the fact that I now have a online record or the past year of my life. The things I have done, the styles I have liked and thoughts I've had, which in the future, will be really interesting to look back on.

I've still got a long way to go. I have a teeny (but lovely) following, and need to up my game a lot to make myself get out there and noticed, but really all I want is to specialise in certain areas more, and make this blog 100% Sammi. At the moment I'm lacking quite a large chunk of my personality and I really want to inject this in to the blog. I'm a massive nerd, and I want to show this, and gain some more following in this area, I just need to figure out how to mash fashion, lifestyle, DIY's and my nerd side all into one coherent thing, but watch this space!
Also cats, cats should appear more 8)

I'm not one to care too much about the numbers, but it's always interesting to compare where you are at certain stages, so here are my blogging statistics at the one year point :)

Statistics at one year:


Bloglovin - 46 Followers
Total Blog Page Views - 7185
Comments - 84
Publishes Post - 184

Social Media

Twitter - 156 Followers
Facebook blog page - 162 Likes
Youtube - 31 Subscribers
Instagram - 111 Followers
Pinterest - 8 Followers
Lookbook - 156

And this is how my blog layout and header looks at the moment:

I'm very proud that I've managed to stick with running a blog for this long, as I can really be a bit lazy and easily distracted most of the time, but I've kept it going :D
So here is to another year, yeah?... yeahhh!

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