Mini Break

by - 10:59

So it's been a little while!
Over the past two weeks I've had a mini break from my blog, and from social media. I went on holiday for a week and I scheduled posts so that I would be up to date, but due to bad internet when away I wasn't able to promote them or check on any activity and it felt so good.
I'd forgotten how nice it feels to not check your phone for tweets and to not care too much about my blog and have a week off :)
I enjoyed it a bit too much, as when I got back home I had lost motivation to post, and the next week consisted of another seven days of no posts and not being active on social media.
Don't panic though, this is not a fair well, just an explanation.
Although I enjoyed my little break, I've also really missed making content. I love blogging, and having a break has made me see this, and now I've rested and thought about what I want to create I am ready to start posting again :D
I wasn't completely lazy on holiday, I took a tonne of photos and vlogged our week as well as filmed my outfits, so stick around to see how they turn out... when I get around to editing them.

So basically... hello again blog, I'm back! :)

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