Taking The Time To Relax

by - 08:30

You know how it is, life is busy. Everyone is juggling so many things, whether it's family, friends, other halves, jobs, hobbies, blogging. You name it, we are doing it. And as such a multitasking generation, who are on our phones doing multiple things, while also doing something else, it's hard to switch off. 
I have quite a few ambitions at the moment, from running this blog and YouTube channel, having a part time job, trying to find another job, trying to set up a small cushion business, and I realised that I barely ever stop. I've forgotten what it's like to switch off, and I think that a lot of our generation is the same. 
Working too hard at too many things can be stressful, no matter how much you enjoy doing them individually, and if you stress for too long, you are going to burn out. And no one wants that. To avoid this, I think it's really important to let yourself have breaks and have a rest, even if it's only occasionally. And by taking a rest, I mean completely stop. Let your brain have a rest, don't distract it with something else, completely shut yourself off from everything else and enjoy the time to breathe. 
Go for a little half hour walk, Take a nap. Have a bath. Meditate, anything! but just chillllll.

The other day I came home from work, extra tired than usual and feeling really burnt out, and you know what I did? I had a bath. It's simple really, but I never get the chance to have baths. I always opt for a quick shower so I can sleep in longer or spend my time 'more wisely' but it was so nice to just lay back, and enjoy the bubbles and relax (even if I was still thinking about blogging and writing this post, shhhh only a little bit) I felt so refreshed afterwards and like I could start over, and make more of my time. And I felt better in myself, and isn't that the important thing? There is so much pressure to achieve, that sometimes it can be hard to notice what else is slipping us by.
The simple things in life are free, right?

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