Dungarees and Pom-poms

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For the longest time now, I have wanted a pair of dungarees so I can pull off that cool laid back kinda Parisian French vibe. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to clothes, I want them to fit me in the right way, be the right type of comfy and be wearable enough to get your moneys worth, and I finally the the pair of dungarees to suit all of these needs!
Where did I buy them, you may ask! and were they expensive?! Nope, good ol' Primark did me right again! I was just browsing through the shop, with no intentions but to be nosey (saving my pennies, booo) and there they were.... grinning at me. I tried them on, and they fitted perfectly.
Which meant it was time for the decision. Do I get them? or do I save myself £12?
Obviously, I gave in haha. Well a girls got to treat herself sometimes, right!

I paired them with this lovely white gypsy style top underneath, which I actually got from a charity shop for a pound (scoreee!) and I knew instantly that it belonged under some dungarees!
I especially love how the little tie up bow sits so delicately and cute over the front and the little pom pom details all around the edge!

Ignore my slightly messy fluffy bun of hair on my head in these pictures. My hair has been annoying me so bad lately, I really need to get it cut, but it's so much effort, and in this hot weather I just want it out the way! 
Poppy came over to investigate when my brother was taking these photos, and I couldn't resist but give her a little cuddle, so here she is featuring on the blog again haha. She's so cute though ^.^

What do you think of dungarees? I hope I pull them off.
They are the right blend between cute kiddy playfulness and stylish Alexa Chung vibes, and I can't help buy love them!

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