Favourite Craft Magazines

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 We all know that I have a creative soul, and am obsessed with anything pretty or crafty, so obviously I am going to love craft magazines! I've been buying and reading them for about half a year now and I've gathered up quite a collection.
I started to be drawn to them when I realised how bored I was with the normal 'gossip / celeb' mags, yet didn't want to give up the aesthetic of reading from magazines, as I have always loved them ever since being a teen. Cue Sammi starting to buy and read a lot of craft and interior magazines!
Since I started to buy craft magazines when I could, I've developed a love for certain ones, and I thought I would share with you the main three that I buy the most and enjoy.

Daphne's Diary

This is the least typical magazine of the three and any that I have bought. Obviously it is still a magazine... but it is so different to the others. It is filled with personal stories and tales of the authors life, places she has visited, recipe's, craft tutorials, and so so many freebies!
In this particular issue, you get some pop out coasters, stickers, post cards, present tags... and so much more. My favourite thing about this magazine is the pretty colours, adorable illustrations throughout, and the random poem pages, that could very easily be cut out and framed for your house!


Makes is the biggest of the three and is a bit more of a standard craft magazine. It is full to the brim with easy tutorials for you to try out and enjoy, including child friendly makes for the Summer holidays and weekends. They also feature quite a lot of party theme ideas, such as decorating ideas, little things you could make and loads more for special occasions. At the back of the magazine you can find a section filled with recipes and cake decorating inspiration, as well as holiday destinations for crafters and a bunch of free pretty papers which are perfect to scrap booking or collages!
I think that this magazine is the most varied out of the three, with a wide selection of interesting things to keep you entertained while reading and making, with something relevant for all family members to enjoy.


I would say that Homemaker is the most Pinterest out of the three. It is filled with easy makes that anyone would be able to try, all perfect for adding character and personal touches to a home. The tutorials are quite thrifty and recycling based, with many suggestions of re-using old things you have lying around, and how to add to what you already have at home. There is also a few food recipes and a load of interviews with full time crafters, artists and illustrators, giving advice to anyone who wants to start their own business, which is always interesting and useful to read.
With every issue that I have bought of Homemaker, there has been a little free gift that you can make yourself, with all the materials and instructions needed. This is such a good idea and really inspires you as a reader to get making, rather than just being inspired and putting it off, which I absolutely love.

 And finally, just for the cuteness, here is my cat Poppy rolling about on the magazines as I'm trying to photograph them... cat logic! aha

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