Life Lately - July

by - 13:44

So if you are a regular follower / nosey Parker of my blog, you might have realised that I stopped doing the 'Week in pictures' feature on Sundays. But don't panic (you obvs were) I've not got rid of it completely, I've just decided to adapt it a little.
I'd got to the stage where I was seeing this weekly Sunday round up post as more of a pain than something I enjoyed, as I'd come home from work and just want to chill, instead of edit photos and write out a post. It became even more annoying, when I hadn't done anything that exciting that week, or hadn't documented anything. Which was a lot because I'm a live in the moment kinda gal.
So, instead of a weekly photo's post, I'm going to do monthly round ups instead, so welcome to the new feature called 'Life Lately'! Here is the first instalment, which is July :D

July mainly features a lot of photos from our Northumberland holiday, with some others from the month thrown in, such as Poppy being cute and annoying, day trip to the beach in Kent and shopping with Beki :D

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