Monochrome London Adventures

by - 14:19

Last week my boyfriend treated me to a day out in London to see Billy Elliot on stage for my birthday (More on this later) and while I was there I thought I might as well get some outfit photos from the day. I decided to go full tourist and find a red phone box for the backdrop, when in London, right?! It actually turned out to be a really nice contrast with my outfit, because we all know I don't wear much colour. Monochrome against red is always interesting!
whenever I go to London for the day I always want to be comfortable, because of all the walking and potential to be squished and trampled on the underground, so I went with my trusty converse. It was quite a nice day, so I went with a breezy outfit, so that I could be cool if needed, with my favourite striped blazer style jacket thrown over the top for added style and layers in case it rained or got cold.
It's a fairly simple outfit, but it was very suited and comfortable for sitting down for hours and wandering around London, whilst still having an air of style. A perfect balance if you ask me! 

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