Monthly Scrapbook // July

by - 16:03

Here is part two of my quick catch up on the monthly scrap book feature, but at least July isn't as delayed. July was a very good month, so take a little peek into what I got up to :)

Again it was a little bit rushed like June so I could get up to date, which means that it's not the most exciting layout ever. I think that when I start next years scrapbook I won't give myself two big pages for each month, as that was being a bit optimistic... I don't get up to that much haha.
Or I might just have pages dedicated to events in order.... rather than separating the months. I guess I'll decide later on!
Any way, I hope you enjoy the scrap book catch ups!


(Now to get the August scrap book ready and on time for in a bout a week!)

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