Monthly Scrapbook // June (Super delayed..)

by - 15:58

Who remembers this little feature on my blog? Nope... well that's because I am weeeee bit behind on it, oops! It's for a number of reasons really, I went away at the beginning of July, which meant I missed the first 10 days there, I then tried to do the month of June when I got back, but the printer ran out of ink, so I gave up, then I had my little mini accidental break from blogging, anddddd... here we are. So yeah, I kinda forgot about it, but I'm finally catching up! 
The last monthly scrapbook post I put up was May, so I need to catch up on June and July. So here goes! I'm going to post them really close together, so I can get them out the way and done, so I don't have them stupidly close to August monthly scrap book too aha.


I really like the colour scheme of this month, and the wall paper sample background worked well too, but because I'm catching up, I don't really have much to work with apart from pictures and it looks a bit empty, but ah well,. I can only improve right? :)

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