Billy Elliot The Musical

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For my Twenty Fourth (eeeek) birthday Dayle treated me to a day out in London, and a trip to see the Billy Elliot Musical. I absolutely LOVE the film Billy Elliot and have seen it so so many times and I was pretty damn excited to see it in the musical version! I wasn't sure what to expect, as the film has quite a few elements of different emotions, so it could have gone down the route of being really sad or funny. I can confirm that it is most definitely funny and light hearted,  I guess the fact that it's a musical gave a little hint. In my whole life I've only ever been to one theatre production, and that was The Lion King when I was Eleven, so in general I was pretty excited, but because it was Billy Elliot I was just stoked. 

The atmosphere inside the theatre is lovely, it was decorated in a very classic and elegant way that kind of made you feel like you had stepped back in time, it was beautiful. We were sitting on the top tier, three rows back, and despite a safety bar being a little bit in the way, the view was brilliant.

Now onto the actual show! It was amazing. The singing, the dancing, the acting, the humour, the set designs, how the sets all played out together. Everythinggggg!I really enjoyed myself and would definitely recommend it to anyone else who is thinking of going or loves the film!
The tickets were £40 pounds each, plus the train fair, which is somewhat expensive for one day, but if you make the most of it like we did, it is totally worth it for the experience, which is more important than money anyway, right! After the show we wandered around the local area admiring all the beautiful houses everywhere and just enjoying the sunshine, whilst trying to find somewhere to eat.
It was a really lovely day, and I can't wait to do something similar again another day :)

Check out what I wore for the day here.

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