Colouring Books For Adults

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Who else has noticed the adult colouring book trend that has peek it's charming little head out from the depths of our childhood. I definitely have, and as soon as I saw a bunch on them in my local supermarket I got a little bit too excited and may have spent twenty minutes looking at them all, as annoying as that probably was for Dayle. I've been eyeing them up since this encounter, and was very lucky to be bought one for my birthday from Dayle's mum (Thanks!)

I haven't done too much colouring yet, only one page, but I really wanted to show this book off, as it is so so beautiful! I almost don't want to ruin it, like old Uni days with a fresh sketchbook. So for this post I am going to show off the book in its new form and share some of the wonderful little illustrations with you, and hopefully get you hooked on the colouring bug too!

I love that as well as colouring, the book also has a little ongoing story about travelling through the woods to get to the castle, and it also has a little tally of all the animals in the book for you to find!
How. Freaking. Adorable.
The whole book is so inspiring and totally brings back nostalgia and ignites my love for colouring. I'm hoping that as I slowly fill each page I will begin to loose any worries about perfection and start to feel creatively free again, because that will never be a bad thing!

What do you think about adult colouring books?
Yes or no?

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