Enchanted Forest // First Page

by - 08:00

Last week I posted about my new colouring book and how beautiful it was. Well this week I'm doing a little review and follow up post because I finally found the time to colour in my first page :D
First of all I want to say how long it took me to actually start colouring haha, I found a bunch of old pens and pencils and laid them all out ready, but I couldn't think of how or where to start, let alone what colour scheme to go for... it was a struggle to say the least. Eventually I just went for it, as I thought This is just my first page, chill out Sam. So I kind of just went for light colours on the big bits, and grouped similar colours together in little bunches.
It took foreverrrr aha because of all the little detailed sections and I was determined not to go out of the lines, so I put my super concentration head on. I think all in all I was sitting there for about two hours. Totally two hours well spent though!

Over all I'm pretty happy with it, there is room for improvement in my colouring and maybe use a little less purple and pink, but all that really matters is that I enjoyed myself :)
I'm excited to get cracking on with the rest of the book! I can safely say that this will keep me entertained for years haha. Now to go buy loads more pretty pencil colours to do this book justice!

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