Hair Donation Made Simple

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Recently I posted about how I went for the chop with my long hair, and how I donated the offcuts to charity. It's quite a simple thing to do really, but it took me a while to research into where to send it and what the hell I was doing! So I thought I would do a little quick guide to help anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge themselves.


First of all, you need long hair. I know, it's a bit obvious right? aha. But most organisations want the hair to be at least 7 inches, otherwise they won't accept them. So get some measuring tape, and make sure yours is long enough before you cut it all off! I cut mine with 8 inches just in case I did anything wrong!

Now that you've figured out where you need to cut your hair, part it into equal sections. I went with two sections, splitting my hair at the back and tying it into two adorable bunches to the side of my head, which made me feel like a little kid again! Once they are level and at the right length that you measure, plait them both and secure at the end with a second hair bobble (I swear everyone has a different name for these) Make sure they are quite tight and secure, and won't slip off the hair.

Now that you have two cute plaits on the side of your head, and you are feeling pretty damn cute, it's time to ruin that childhood nostalgia and cut them off!
This is the important bit... cut your hair ABOVE the top hair bobble, which will separate the plaits from your hair, and keep them safely secured between the two hair bobbles, which is what you want.

You've done it now, no changing your mind, so embrace your new shorter and lighter hair!
As soon as possible, put your hair inside a sandwich bag and secure it with as little air inside as possible. I just flattened mine out and sellotaped it down.

This is the time where you either style your hair yourself, get a hair dresser to style it, or shave the rest of your head.... the choice is up to you. My hairdresser sorted out the ends and made it a lot more straight and like it hadn't been hacked at.

Once you've admired your new hair do for a while, remember what you were doing and get back to finishing donating your hair!
Next is to parcel up your hair and get ready to send it off. I chose to donate my hair to The Little Princess Trust So I followed their posting instructions, but make sure you check according to your charity. I had to put the bag of hair in a bubble wrap lined parcel, and a form with my information on, which you can find on the above link. This allows you to know when your hair has arrived and you receive a certificate for your donation in the post.
If you choose to use Little Princess Trust, I have found the address for you below to save you searching for it.

Little Princess Trust Hair Donation
Sheridan House
114-116 Western Road

Seal up your envelope and attach the address securely to the front, and you are ready to send off your hair (sounds weird I know...)
When you take your parcel to post it, make sure that you go into the post office, and not just pop it into the letter box with a stamp, as this might not be enough postage to get it to the organisation, meaning that they will have to pay the difference, which no charity can afford to do.
I personally like to use the self service machines at the post office, as they are quicker and I'm very used to them. But if you aren't confident enough for that, go up to one of the desks and ask for help.
The parcel should come to around £2.80, as it will be a small parcel, but it might depend where you are posting it from. 

And you are done! You have now donated your hair and maybe helped the life of someone else :)

I hope this has helped someone, and made it a little bit easier to figure out how to donate your hair, so get snipping!

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