Life Update // September 2015

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Hey guysssss!
I've been a little bit useless lately when it comes to Blogging, Youtube-ing, or anything social media related, and I just wanted to explain myself.
For the past five years I have worked part time in a cafe while I was studying at college and for my degree. I finished my degree, graduated and then realised that I had no idea where I wanted to go next in life or if what I wanted to do was even possible. Cue me still working at the cafe a year after the end of my degree, and still not knowing what I want to do. Throughout that year, I have thought about different career paths, toyed with the idea of going back to uni to study teaching, started this blog and applied for many jobs in different areas, and even working in retail part time (yesss, while still at the cafe...) and feeling even more lost.
I realised that I should stop expecting the perfect job to just fall in my lap straight away. I want a lot out of life, and an amazing job that I love is part of that, but it takes time. And in that time, I needed to stop day dreaming and avoiding a real job with the excuse of extra hours at a job I hated, and just go ahead and get a standard 40 hour week, Monday to Friday job. So that's what I did.
Welcome Sammi, the data entry clerk!

It's not as bad as you may be thinking, yes I have to get up early everyday and I have to sit at a computer and do something that isn't my passion, but I finish quite early and the job is fairly relaxed with nice people, and it is close by.
More importantly; money. Not because I want to go out and buy myself loads of stuff, but because I am so so desperate to move out, and live with my boyfriend. I want it more than anything else right now, and I am saving every penny I can to put towards our future together, and that is more than worth the early starts.

Since getting my new job, I have also been working my notice at my weekend job in the cafe, so I basically have no free days, and am tired pretty much all the time. My evenings (and sometimes days. Oops) are spent yawning and trying not to fall asleep. but happily spending my free time with the boyfriend all chilled out and enjoying each others company when we can. 
Due to this complete lack of time and energy, my Blog has been suffering. I've managed to write up the odd post here and there, but I am no where near posting as regularly or networking as much as I would like to be, which makes me sad!

I have three more weekends left of my notice, and once that is over, I will hopefully be a lot more awake and will have more time to put into my blog again :D
As well as free weekends for the first time in YEARS, where I can see family and friends :D!

I am super excited to have this free time and to be able to make all of my blogging ideas into content for you guys!
So watch this space :D

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