2015 - Why I'm Grateful

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At the end of the year everyone like to make new years resolutions about what they would like to improve about themselves, or even the thing they are annoyed that they haven't achieve yet. Setting yourself goals is always good, because you should always believe that you can aim higher. Personally though, I prefer looking back over the year just gone, and highlighting the things that I have enjoyed, am proud of and what I have achieved to make me feel all good and ready for the new year ahead :)

So here goes, what I am proud of in 2015:

- I left my old cafe job which I hated, and I now have a full time Monday to Friday job in date entry working for a banking firm. It's not exactly what I want, but I am completely loving having weekends to myself to do what I choose, and the money is really helping with the savings.

- over the year I have managed to save quite a bit of money, some from working full time and some from learning not to spend and consume as much as I used to, which was a big deal haha. Me and Dayle are now well on our way to being able to move out and buy our own place, which is super exciting and scary but I am so proud of our savings so far :)

- Internet wise, I've managed to keep (kind of) up to date with this blog, and expand my following. I've made posts that I am proud of and figured out the of blog that I want to run... even if I haven't had the time to make that happen.

- Creating is always very high on my list of things that I want to achieve, especially if it gets me closer to my life goal of working and creating from home with my own little business. This year I worked a little bit closer to this, by making and selling Xbox inspired pillows on Ebay. Over the year I have sold ten and the feedback has been lovely. It's so nice to think that someone out there is enjoying what I made, it's pretty amazing really!

- Most of all, I've had fun :)
I've spent time with family, friends and Dayle, met new people, evolved as a person and figured out a little bit more of how I want to spend my time in this world.

Thanks to anyone who has supported this little blog or who has made me happy throughout 2015, Happy new year! 

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