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Hey guyssss, I know it has been a while since I've posted, and I do feel really bad, my plan is to get back into the swing again with blogging once a week when the new year begins. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself or I will freak out a bit like last time haha.
I really wanted to do some sort of Christmas post first though, because I have been loving reading other peoples festive content, and wanted to join in. So to get me started I thought I'd do a nice and easy Christmas tag, because who doesn't love a tag!

Presents - Christmas eve or Christmas morning? 

Always Christmas day! I think the idea of opening one present on Christmas Eve is cute, but it's never been a thing in my family. It's nice to save all of the excitement for Christmas morning, and wait it out.

Christmas eve traditions? 

We really only have one tradition for Christmas Eve, and that is to watch The Polar Express with my family, in the dark with the Christmas tree lights on. We've done it for about three or four years now, and nothing gets me into the festive spirit like watching that film!

Favourite Festive Food?

It's not Christmas if you don't eat a whole box of After Eights to yourself, right? Well it isn't to me anyway!
Also Stuffing and roasted parsnips are very high on the list too!

What is on the top of your christmas tree?

On the very top of our Christmas tree we have a silver glittery star, which always threatens to fall off because it is way too heavy to do its job aha. And Underneath the star we have a glass ornament that says 'Normy' in memory of my Grandad, taking pride of place like he should :).

Is christmas day a small group thing or a squeeze as many people around the table as you can?

Definitely as many around the table as we can haha. We always at least have ten people, which will include my little brother and youngest cousin on their own 'kids table' because they don't fit, even though they aren't kids any more haha, but it's the best we can do!

Favourite Christmas Scent?

I have a terrible sense of smell, so I don't really have candles or anything like that, only occasional for decor and pretty reasons. But I love the smell of my mums home made mince pies, they smell and taste delicious.

At Christmas time which extravagant thing was always on your christmas list but you never received?

When I was younger I was obsessed with Slush drinks and wanted them all the time (Still do) and every year I would put a Mr Frosty slush machine maker on my list, and would be so disappointed when I didn't get one ahaha. When I move out I am totally buying myself one though!

What do you wear on christmas day?

I like to dress up a bit on Christmas day, and will usually wear something nice that I unwrapped from my parents in the morning. it's so exciting to wear new clothes and make an outfit out of them.
I also always keep comfort in mind. Gotta keep room for all that food!

Have you finished your christmas shopping yet?

Yep. I finished earlier in the week and wrapped it all up and ready to go :)
I would be a bit worried though, seeing as it's Christmas eve if I hadn't finished.

What christmas TV special are you most looking forward to this year?

My family doesn't tend to watch too much TV on Christmas day, but we always record whatever we don't want to miss for a later day. I used to always record the Dr Who Christmas special, but I haven't been as into it recently (Sad times).

Thanks for reading my little tag, they are a a bit of fun to get me blogging again.
Merry Christmassss!

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