Favourite Outfits Of 2015

by - 08:30

In 2015 I posted quite a few outfits on this little blog, and I thought I would do a round up of my favourite eight looks and have a little reflection on them and my style over the year. 

My style has never been strict, and I always fluctuate between different styles for a little while then jump back to another one and keep changing. No matter what phase I'm going through, there will always be a tomboy or grunge edge thrown in there somewhere. Whether that is in the form of some ripped jeans, converse trainers or a band tee, tomboy and comfy is my go to. 
I've actually had other favourite outfits towards the end of the yea that I prefer, but I didn't get around to photographing them, which is something that I want to improve on in 2016.
I definitely experimented more this year then I have before, such as with the dungarees, high necks, pastel colours and the revealing (for me anyway) play suit. I also had to add to my wardrobe to fit in with my office job, which means Monday to Friday I have been dressing a lot more smart, so at the weekends I go 100% comfy slob / teenage grunge kid so that I can balance between the two haha. 

In 2016 I mainly just want to push my style to be a little more exciting. As much as I love monochrome, maybe I live in it a little too much? and I would love to try out a more vintage and colourful wardrobe this year, because why not!
Also colourful shoes... all my shoes are black, white, blue and brown haha.

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