Casual Valentines Outfit

by - 17:31

Casual clothes is what I'm all about most of the time. When the weekend rolls around I want to steer clear of the nice fancy clothes I've been wearing all week in the office and put some comfy jeans on and just something simple. This is the outfit that I wore on Valentines day. I know that was quite a while ago now, but I'm bad at uploading! You should know this by now (I'm working on it!)

I actually had another more traditional Valentines outfit planned to wear for the day, with a skirt, but I wasn't feeling it when I was getting ready. Instead I went for these high waisted jeans I had recently bought from Matalan, and teamed them with a roll neck red jumper, see there is some V-day related stuff in the outfit! I think the look is casual but still has a nice look to it, simple sometimes is better. I wore my leather jacket over the top, as this is just my go-to cover up. It gives the outfit a little more of a rough edge and keeps the chill off in this freezing cold weather. 

I wore my blue spotty satchel with the outfit, as this is the only one that is a nice size that I own. Looking back at the outfit now, maybe there is a bit too much colour going on haha, but hopefully I pulled it off!

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