February Recap

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Considering February is the shortest month of the year, it has been a very busy one for me, but it has been a good four weeks! January is always a bit of a down month for a lot of people, with the weather and the pressure of a new year, so keeping busy during February has been a nice distraction from the boring everyday life of going to work and being cold all the time!

What I got up to in February:

- The last ever visit to Rachel and bump before a new little baby is born into the world :D We spent the day shopping, eating Nandos and not leaving Rachels belly alone!

- Pancake day! I love pancakes and any excuse to have them for dinner is one of the best days ever and I happily stuffed my face!

- Valentines day. Me and Dayle made a thing of the day, by going to see Deadpool at the cinema, as we had both been looking forward to it for months (it was amazinggg!) and then afterwards we went to Pizza Hut and stuffed our faces, and watched more How I Met Your Mother.

- Me and my little brother went and saw Marina And The Diamonds in concert. He absolutely loves her, and was so excited bless him! We were at a bit of an awkward angel, but she was so amazing, that it didn't really matter. 

- I went to the dentist... I know that doesn't sound like much, but for me it is a big deal. I'm kinda terrified of going to the dentist, and as a result I hadn't been for eight years.... yeah, you heard that right! It turns out I had nothing to worry about, as my teeth are fine, but I still pooped myself (not literally) and cried a bit (literally) but I did it, yayyy! 

- I went on the London Eye! My sister, brother and cousin had a lovely day out in London and went on The Eye. I have a post about it going live later in the week, so keep an eye out for that :)

So that was February, and what a good one it was.
I feel like it will be the busiest month of my year, and now all the recaps to come will be a bit boring, but hopefully not haha. 

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