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You can probably tell from the fact that I have a blog partly dedicated to my outfits... that I like fashion, and in the world of 2016, if you want to, you can find a lot of inspiration from other fellow fashion lovers, through Blogs, Instagram, street style and YouTube. And do I love me some YouTube.
I've been a casual watcher of YouTube for a good five years, and I watch a lot of different content, but one of my favourites has to be the Fashion Vlogger, and I watch a lotttt of them! I thought I would put together a little compilation of my favourite five ladies (not purposefully ladies, maybe I should look up guy Fashion Vloggers?) and why I love their channels and think you should check them out!

Helen Anderson

Not only does Helen have a great sense of style, she also makes killer videos!  I love the slow motion dreamy effect that she regularly has to compliment her laid back style. I've been watching her for around two years now, and she uploads a range of videos, but I personally love her lookbooks and monthly style summary videos. She has an edgy, Rock and Roll, Grunge style which is right up my street and I want 90% of her wardrobe! I love the slow motion dreamy effect that she regularly has in here videos,

I've Followed Zoe's blog for longer than her videos, but she has really hit a turning point in the past year with her YouTube content, and I love what she makes! Her videos always have really funky setting and backdrops, that perfectly match her style and hair, from the back streets of London and its many graffiti walls. Her bright hair makes her outfits have that grunge and rebellious teenage feel even when they are simple and elegant, which I am personally so jealous of. Her style is quite simple, with hair complimenting colours, cut out shapes and all of the band tees ever, and I absolutely love that laid back yet perfectly stylish vibe that she always gives off.

Lily Melrose

Lily is probably my all time favourite YouTuber ever (Fan girl much...) I have followed her blog(s) for a longggg time, even before she started up YouTube, and I just love her style, her honest approach to being 'Internet famous' and how much she loves her cat. Her style is basically what I would wear if I had the bank balance to sustain it. So I obviously love her style right? but I also love the way that she makes her videos, they all have an upbeat and fun feel to them, with fast paced jumpcuts and transitions in time to awesome music, and beautifully framed so that each shot could be an Instagram image. My Personal favourites of Lily's are her Lookbooks and Get Ready With Me videos, just have a look, you'll see what I mean!

Rhiannon is adorable, as a person and in her style. She loves a good Monochrome outfit and a stripe, so I obviously love her style! I'd say her style is very classic, with an almost country twist to it? With dungarees, check shirts, florals and boots. She is currently pregnant with her first child (awhhhh!) and I'm enjoying watching her style develop with her growing bump.
She does a lot of hauls, and Lookbooks, which means there is a lot of style videos to catch up on if you are new!

Annika is the odd one out in this post, but in the most amazing and inspiring way possible. Not only does she have great style and taste in clothes, she up-cycles and makes them all her self, as well as buying them from ethically sourced shops, and I absolutely love her channel! Pretty much all of her videos are 'How to's' and step by step guides on how to alter and create (as if that wasn't enough) but she has little demonstrations at the end showing how she styles the pieces, and she always looks amazing. Her style is very fun, with clashing colours, food and animals prints, slogans adorable one off pieces, but she also has a strong theme of vintage running through her fashion choices, with vintage style dresses, and cute patterns and fabrics that perfectly complement her other funky and fun items!

What do you think of my favourites?
I think you should go and have a peek at their channels if you haven't heard of them before, as I think you would love them!

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