Spring Yellows

by - 07:30

Spring is here, and I am embracing it by letting the colour yellow into my wardrobe!
Ever since I was younger I've always had a weird dislike for wearing anything yellow, and it has stuck with me, at least until recently. I've been seeing a lot of bloggers and street style involving the colour yellow, and I really wanted to give it a go to add to the monochrome hole that is my wardrobe... and I loved it! Looking down and seeing yellow really lifted my mood at work, and made me feel a bit happier.

I paired it with some patterned trousers and a black sleeveless blazer (I told you... monochrome hole!) The yellow gave the outfit some character and I think I'm going to be reaching for it a lot more as the weather gets better, and seeing how I can make it work with my many other black and white items.

Yellow Jumper - BHS
Sleeveless Blazer - Everything5pounds.com
Pattern Trousers - Primark

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