Stripes and Denim Fur

by - 09:00

It's that Awkward stage between Winter and Spring where you just struggle with what to wear. Currently at work, the office loves to be absolutely freezing in the morning and boiling in the afternoon, which is hard to prepare for clothes wise, so I've dug out this denim jacket to wear during work as another layer, which I can easily take off when it gets warmer. It's super comfy, and I really like how it looks with monochrome outfits, which we all know is my thanggg!

I finally wore this stripy skirt that I bought recently in Primark. I thought it would be one of them skirts that would go with everything, but it struggles with baggy jumpers, so I think it will be more of a Spring and Summer staple!

I really need to find a new spot for taking outfit photos, or just leave my garden, because no matter where I stand the sun is either in my eyes, or covering half of my face. Neither is good really!
I end up with so many dodgy faces in the photos and it is really hard to edit them!
I guess I should brave the outdoors a bit more...

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