What I've Been Reading Lately

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I always go through phases where I love reading, and then phases where I don't read for months. I don't really know why, I guess I'm not one to hunt for a book to read, rather if I know of one that I like the sound of I will give it a go.
I love a good inspirational book, or a cute love / teenage troubles story, so these books were perfect for me. Looking at this selection, you can tell that I am an internet millennial kid haha, with two books written by Youtubers and the other by a well loved Instagram model queen! Well I love Youtube, and I love fashion, so I guess it makes sense.

It by Alexa Chung - A diary style description of her style and icons throughout her life that she feels have shaped her sense of style and career. It's full of Polaroid photographs and illustrations that she has taken, and everything about the book is beautifully stylish.

Looking for Alaska by John Green - A story about a boy going off to college in search of his 'Great Perhaps', the characters are relatable and quirky, with the perfect blend of sorrowful teenage angst and humour. 

A Work In Progress by Connor Franta - This is actually my brothers book, but he recommended it to me once he had finished. Connor is a Vlogger who made his love of being creative, taking photographs and making videos into his full time career and this book is Franta telling the story of how he got there, from his parents and upbringing, to taking chances on his dreams. There is an underlining tone of being yourself and following your heart, and I loved it. I feel like it could be one of those books that I could go back to when life gets hard, and it would inspire me to get my butt into gear! 

And now I'm out of books.... any suggestions for what I should read next?

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