Denim Button Up Skirt

by - 08:00

I am very late to this trend, I know. But you don't understand the struggle I have had. I've been loving the whole trend and style around denim button up skirts for what feels like forever, and I have tried on a good 20 different ones in my quest, but with no luck. I don't know what it is, but I just didn't seem to 100% like any of them. Until now (yayy!) I finally found one that I liked when browsing New Look the other day. The colour, length, and pockets (and comfort of course) where exactly what I wanted, so I snapped it up!

I decided to style it in a really simple way first of all, as I have a feeling that it will be featuring on the blog quite a bit. So as usual, I went with stripes. (Duhh) I love the whole 90's vibe that it gives off, and really love the little bit off girly-ness, yet not too much that it adds to a simple striped outfit. Finally I have achieved the look I wanted!

What do you think?

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