Favourite New Shoes // Brogues

by - 08:00

Sometime I can be a bit basic when it comes to dressing, I like simple because it's easy and comfy. This means that pretty much all of my shoes are black, because they go with everything. But over the past couple of months I've been wanting to get out of my comfort zone a bit and I thought that shoes were a good place to start!

I actually got these for Christmas from my sister (Thanks sis!) And I absolutely love them. The burnt orange / brown colour is so nice and contrasting with all my monochrome outfits! I've been avoiding wearing them a little bit because of how rainy it has been, but now that we're starting to get into Spring I'm excited to wear them more.
I styled them in three ways, both smart and casual to show you have versatile they can be. Realistically I will still be wearing them with tights for a little while longer (I'm a cold person) and hopefully soon I can start wearing them with rolled up jeans and cute socks!

Which style is your favourite?

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