Fruits Wilko Bath Bomb // Review

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I've been on the lookout recently for some bath bombs that can satisfy my craving for the beauties that I have tried before from Lush. We all know the kind, they are pretty to look at, smell amazing, and do wonders for your bath water, with crazy colours, floating petals and lovely bubbles, all that Instagram worthy stuff!

So if I love the Lush ones so much, why am I looking for different ones? First of all, Lush bath bombs can be a bit expensive, maybe not if you just buy the odd one, but if you want to use them every time you have a bath, then the price definitely starts to add up! But more importantly (I would totally pay the price) my nearest Lush shop is in Liverpool Street Station, which is a good thirty minutes, and a £10 train ticket away. I can't justify that kind of money or time just to buy something when I could probably find similar versions in my local shopping centre. So off I went, looking in all the shops that I thought might sell them, and I finally found some in Wilkinsons, in a massive section of very colourful products in the Fruits range. I'd never heard of this brand, I actually think they might be knew products, so I went to investigate! I couldn't tell because of the packaging what colour the bath bomb actually was, which was a bit annoying, as a colourful one is more likely to make the water change, which is what I was after. 
I decided to choose three from the range, as they were only 95p (pretty much the price of one at Lush) so I though why not. I bought; Passion Fruit & Melon, Strawberry & Pomegranate and Blueberry & Grape, as they were the most colourful packaging so had the best chance of changing the water.

So Far I have only tried the Passion Fruit & Melon one, as I love a purple bath, and really wanted to try this one first. When I unwrapped it, I discovered that it is infact purple inside the packaging, which was promising, and the smell was really nice too. It was a lot heavier than a Lush bath bomb, which meant that it sunk to the bottom of the bath rather than floating to the top in a pretty bubbly fashion. Initially I was a little disappointed with this, but when I saw the colour start to seep out into the water, I quickly changed my mind! It turned the bath a really lovely pinky, purple colour, so i started to get very excited... as you do. 

The main thing that let the bath bomb down in comparison to Lush ones, was that there wasn't any bubbles given off, but I soon added my own using another product, and it was fine! There was also a slight colour residue around the edge of the water, which I saw straight away and wiped off, just in case it stained the bath, but I'm not sure if it would have if I hadn't wiped it away... I don't think my parents would want me to test it out.

Over all I was pretty impressed with my little 95p bath bomb, obviously it can't compare to a Lush bath bomb, as it probably isn't as natural, and the effect wasn't as mesmerizing, but I got myself some pretty pink water, so I'm pretty damn happy with that!

Would you give these cheaper alternative to Lush's bath bombs a go?
I'd love to know if I've convinced any of you!

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