I Love Ripped Jeans

by - 08:00

I can't get enough of Ripped jeans, I pretty much live in them lately. I currently have four pairs, so I can quite easily rotate between them continuously and be happy. I've always been a tom boy, choosing jeans and band tees over dresses my whole life, and ripped jeans appeal to this side of my style. They make an outfit seem so much more cool and laid back, as if you didn't try, yet it just works. I love that grunge scruffy look and always think I will. I'll be a little old lady and still wearing my ripped jeans and Converse haha.

I'm going to build up more of a collection, currently I have two black, one dark grey and one blue pair. But I really want a light grey pair for summer, that I can wear with light and colourful cami tops and look all festival and grunge cute!

What do you think of ripped jeans?
 Are they your thing, or do you hate to have your knees on show?

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