March Recap

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I thought that March was going to be quite a quiet month but looking back on it, a fair bit actually happened, from birthdays, to little babies and spending time with family. 

What I got up to in March:

- My little brother Jamie turned 17 (I say little, but he is taller than me and not that young anymore, but...) We got pizza and watched some TV and hung out as a family, which is always nice, he had a Jammie Dodger birthday cake, as it is one of his knick names. A few days after his actual birthday, he had a house party with his mates, and I was being the supervising adult upstairs, with the occasional drunk teenager wandering into my room to use the toilet, which was very amusing! 

- We saw 10 Cloverfield Lane. This was as a slightly delayed birthday present for Jamie, because I realised too late that what I wanted to get him was actually sold out, so I treated him to a night out instead. The film was actually amazing, with so many twists, I definitely recommend it!

- My friend Beki had a fancy dress party, with the theme being masquerade ball, so we all went with our little masks and had a fun night taking many a selfie, drinking and eating food! Mine and Dayle's masks were cheap ones from the pound shop, as we thought we would never wear them again, and annoyingly but hilariously, all of the red colouring came off on our faces after about half an hour, which was typical!

- Easter Friday was a really lovely day, the sun was out, so me and Dayle had the biggest lay in ever, went for a little shop and had some cherry and bubblegum ices (which were delicious) from the ice cream van and sat in the sun chatting. We spent the rest of the day chilling out and enjoying the time together :)

- We met baby Elliot for the first time! ^^
If you read my February monthly recap, you would know that me and two other friends visited my friend Rachel for the last time before she was due to give birth, and at the beginning of March, she gave birth to a beautiful little boy! We waited a little while, but eventually made our way round to hers for a day trip to congratulate her and meet the little man himself!
We spent the day catching up and passing poor little Elliot around constantly for as many cuddles as we could before heading home in the dark and rain!
This was the first time I had driven a long way since I was crashed in to so I was a little bit scared, but it was definitely worth it!

- Easter Sunday has always been a big thing on my mums side of the family, with egg hunts in the garden when we were little, and not a lot has changed! We spent the day exchanging chocolate and cake and catching up. We had a yummy roast and then took an updated photo of the grand kids for my nan and one that included the boyfriends, which obviously resulted in us all messing around and laughing loads!

So that was my March.
What did you get up to?

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