Room Tour Sneak Peek

by - 08:30

It's always fun to be nosey at everyone else's stuff, and I absolutely love room tours, so I thought I would give you guys a glimpse into my bedroom! My bedroom might look quite big, but it's basically not all mine, so it doesn't count. One section is my room, and the other is where the computer lives, so a sort of study... just in my room.

If you don't like floral, bunting, nerdy things and a shit tonne of photographs, then my room probably isn't for you, but I love it! I have quite a lot of stuff, which is luckily hidden behind the massive mirrored wardrobes (they were here when we moved in, I'm not that vain, promise!) so I've tried to lay out all of my things in a kind of neat, yet busy way, to highlight my interests and make the room personal to me.
My favourite thing about my room is all of the photographs, I actually have a lot more than you can see, but there is already probably too many pictures in this post, so I thought I would save you from some more! I think the space perfectly sums me up; I'm a vintage loving nerd. from the bunting, floral boxes, sewing machine, origami and old style accessories, to the Spiderman poster, Funko Pops, and the Doctor Who and Harry Potter items.

(Ignore my sewing table, I keep meaning to cover up that hideous table top... eventually! )

I think I've successfully managed to merge the two sides of my personality together to look like one combined room, What do you think?
I hope you like it!

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