Scrap Booking Tips And Goals

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I've always loved to collect things from moments in my life, even when I was little, I had loads of tickets, papers and items that I would find on days out. I would keep them in a little box and look at them every once in a while. As I've gotten older and social media has taken over everyone's lives it's a lot easier to take a photo upload it and you have the memory there forever. As much as I like that side of living in 2016, I also miss the days of collecting actual things, having something there to hold in your hand and spark memories that you had left behind.

This is why I love scrap booking, I must admit I'm a bit crap at it. It's a very time consuming hobby, with printing the photo's, collecting the items and backgrounds, arranging them how you want, and finishing off the page with little notes and special touches. But I am determined to find the time!
I love the feeling of accomplishment once you have finished the page, and it is so relaxing to take time out to be creative, but in a really simple way. Plus you have an amazing way to look back on your memories and cherish them.

I thought I would give you a few tips on what I have found to be helpful when it comes to scrap booking, and also tell you some of my goals for my current scrap book plans :).


- Collect as much as you can - 
Even if you don't end up using some of the bits and bobs that you find, there is nothing worse than a page not being filled, and feeling like it is missing something. And the more things, the more memories!

- Have a range of sizes and textures -
To make an interesting scrap book page you need some variation, whether that be with colour, texture shapes, or material. Start by working big for the background, overlapping paper, paint or big photos for a background, and then work upwards and smaller, adding details to finish the look.

- Write something -
It's always nice to add a little bit of what you remember for a scrapbook, but sometimes photos and tickets from the day aren't enough. I love writing little notes and funny memories onto scrap bits of paper and adding them to the page. It adds a little something else to how it looks, but more importantly when you look back you will be able to spark some happy memories.

- Be creative and thrifty -
Scrap booking can be expensive, but only if you do it the easy way! If you want to (with a bit more effort and time) you can make a scrapbook without spending too much. You have to think outside the box a little bit, by making your own backgrounds out of old art materials laying around, such as paints, pencils, or even magazines. It's also really useful to look in decorating shops for wallpaper examples or charity shops for old books, as these can be very useful to add colour and interesting backdrops for your memories.

My scrap booking goals:

Last year I did a scrapbook page every month to recap what I had been up to, but it was a lot of pressure, and some months I did loads of things, and others I did nothing exciting, so I really struggled to stay motivated. This year I've changed my approach, and will be scrapbooking each occasion in consecutive order, so when I look back, I can see all of the big things that happened throughout my year of 2016. I've currently laid out the first lot of big events, printed out the photos and got a few backgrounds and tickets, but I keep putting off actually sticking any of it down. So I need to get my butt into gear, otherwise I am going to have so much to do, that I never will!
So here's some goals to get me motivated!

- Just do it! - 
Even if I don't manage to get a whole page done at once, it doesn't matter. I just need to start sticking bits down, even if that is only ten minutes a day, I just need to get on with it haha.

- Use up all my stuff - 
Over the years, I have collected a lot of stuff that I plan to use one day for a scrapbook page and have never got around to using it. Throughout 2016 (and the closer I get to moving out) I really need to start using up this collection and having less random pretty stuff filling up my draws!

- Don't think too much - 
I want to take on the Smash Book approach to scrap booking this year, and not worry too much about how it looks (okay maybe a little) but more just stick stuff in without thinking too much and mainly worrying about the content of the memories rather than how nice it looks. Whether I can actually do this will be another thing!

What other scrap book tips could be useful to me? I'd love any new suggestions!

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