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It's no secret that I'm a creative person, with running this blog, taking an art degree and taking photo's at every opportunity possible. But in the craziness of everyday life, it's hard to find the time and mood to get creative, which can be some what disheartening. Then the craze for adult colouring books started about a year ago and the answer was right in front of me!
They don't take much commitment, and you can dip in whenever you want, colouring for ten minutes or for hours. The hard work has pretty much been done for you, so you just need to enjoy choosing the colours and making the pages pretty! Since the craze started, I've grown a little collection, and I want to share them with you and explain why I love them!


The first one that I got was this beauty from the Johanna Basford range. It was a hard choice to decide which one I wanted, but the 'Enchanted Forest' book was just perfect to me, full of flowers, animals and mystical stories. I especially love the double spread pages, the illustrations are incredible! The whole book is a story, where you have to find creatures and get to the happy ending. This needs the most commitment out of the three, as some of the leaves are so small that it can take hourssss to complete a page, but it's worth it once you look at what you have achieved. 


If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you need this in your life! It is seriously amazing. The illustrations are beautiful, and I'm half tempted to rip some of the pages out and frame them, as they are just so lovely (Or maybe it's the rebel Slytherin in me). I've only done a few pages in this one so far, after excitedly opening it at Christmas, because I'm a bit scared to ruin it haha. There is a handy guide of coloured photos at the back of the book to copy or inspire your own colouring choices. I get so excited every time I open it to start colouring that I get a bit too distracted and end up just looking at the pictures. I plan on tackling the Dobby page next, and I really hope I do him justice as he is my faveee!


Lastly in my collection is this little handy book, with cute little patterns and drawings to colour in. The size is so much more easier than the other two books, meaning that I have filled in this one the most, as it fits nicely in my bag to carry around. This one is the most nostalgic to me, with the big shapes and Spirograph-like pages, and it gets me pretty damn excited aha, I feel like a little kid, colouring at my nans all over again. I use this one on long car journeys, as there is bigger blocks to colour meaning you don't have to be as delicate or worry about going over the lines as much, and it is so relaxing and rewarding once you have finished! 

Which one is your favourite? 
I don't think I could choose, as I love them all for different things. I'm going to make it my mission to take the time to colour some more, and get at least half of one of these books finished by the end of the year!

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