Favourite Band Tees

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If you know me you will know that the basis of my style is very grunge, And you can't do grunge without some band tees thrown in. I have a bit of a collection, from old school bands that my parents got me in to, to more recent bands that I've fell in love with myself.
I thought I would show you my favourite three tees that I like to wear the most. I usually reach for them when I'm not feeling like trying, or I'm in a rush, so it still shows off my style and highlights my music taste... plus I just think they look really effortlessly cool!

I realised when writing up this post, that I didn't get any of these t-shirts in a conventional place, and they all kind of have back stories. The Avenged Seven Fold and Guns N Roses tees where found in charity shops, and the Arctic Monkeys top was bought at Camden Market in London.
I customised the A7X Top, by cutting off the sleeves to make it more flattering, as it was a large mens, and was a bit too big on me haha.
My favourite out of the three is the Arctic Monkeys top, as I like the family Camden memories associated with it, and I saw them live last year at Reading Festival, so whenever I wear it I get all excited like I SEE DEM ONCE.... as you do!

Which one is your favourite?

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