Red And Dungarees

by - 08:00

I have been loving dungarees lately, I've basically been wearing them every other day, just in different ways. The weather has finally got to that stage (when it doesn't decide to rain) where you don't have to wear a big jacket anymore, so I'm working my way through my jumper collection and seeing how they look paired with these denim beauts.

I was actually on the way back from walking the dog with Dayle, hence the wellies which I borrowed so I didn't get my own shoes muddy. I've never been a fan of wellies, no idea why really. I just remember as a child refusing to wear them, but I really like these Hunter's. They were comfy, not annoying and did the job. So maybe I'm a converted wellies lover?
They might give the dungarees a bit too much of a farmer feel... but ah well. I actually quite like that look anyway!

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