Two Years Nerding Out Together

by - 08:00

Last week was our two year anniversary (awhhh) so we took a few days off work to spend together and enjoy each others company away from normal life. One of the days we decided to take a trip to London to some of the free museums; The Science Museum, and The Natural History Museum. We wandered around for hours looking at all of the cool stuff and nerding out. My favourite was the section with old school cars and gadgets from years ago, and Dayle's was the space section, and of course the dinosaurs. Dayle was like a little kid when we found them haha, bless. 
We ate dinner at a restaurant in Covent Garden, which we actually went to for our one year anniversary too, so maybe we are starting a tradition?

For the other days we had off, we went to the cinema, bowling and Nandos, aswell as chilling out and catching up on TV, which is perfect for us! It was really lovely to not have to care about anything else for a few days, and forget work stress and just enjoy the sun and spending time with each other.
I wish that could just be an everyday thing. I'm hoping we can take more little days off like this to enjoy hanging out more, and make the most of spending time together, because why not? 

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