Bargain Crafts #1 : Stickers

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We all love a good bargain don't we? And we all love making pretty things, so I thought I would start a little series on my blog with tips and ideas about how your can get crafty but on a budget! I'm all about saving money, mainly because I'm saving to move out, but also because I feel happy to have not spent money when I don't have to. So welcome to the first post (Episode?) of Bargain Crafts, where I share some ideas I've had that can help you create to your hearts content on a low budget, or for next to nothing!

For my first post I wanted to talk about stickers! I freaking love stickers... a lot. I've been scrap booking for a few years, and recently started a bullet journal, and I always felt like something was missing from my pages, until my mum bought me some stickers, and I became obsessed. Not only did they instantly add interest and colour to the pages, they also sped up the process! no need to fill in blank space with doodles or colour when you can put stickers everywhere!

So I went on the hunt for some more stickers in local craft shops, and discovered that they can be pretty damn expensive. Most being around £1 - £5 for a little sheet, which is a lot of money when you want to go crazy and have stickers everywhere haha. 

So I started on my search for ways to find cheaper stickers, and I discovered a few little tips that might help if you want to jump on the sticker hype with me!

Raid Your / Siblings Cupboards :  Look back in your old school books and bags if your still have them, or old presents that you might have forgotten about. Chances are, if you like crafts, you have done for years and you never know what you might have hidden in your bedroom. If you have younger siblings, then raid their rooms too (with permission obvs) because they are more likely to have left over stickers lurking around that you can claim as your own, and they will be free!

Sale Sections : Craft shops always have a sale section, or a little box somewhere of left over stock that they want to get rid of. It's always a good idea to have a rummage through to see what you can find. There might be sticker sheets for 50p or less, if there are a few stickers missing. As long as they are usable and you like them, then it doesn't matter, they will still look adorable in your scrap book even if they don't when you buy them. 

Shutting Down Sales :  Pay attention to shops that might be having an 'all stock must go' sale, as these are great! If they are on a tight time scale to leave the shop, they might be reducing items to basically nothing, which is when you swoop in and steal all the good stuff! 

Charity Shops :  This one is more of a hit and miss, as you can never guarantee what will be in a charity shop but it's always worth a visit if you are passing one. look in the books, and kids section, as their might be some half used sticker books that you might like, and they will be so cheap.

Kids Sticker Books :  Like I said above, children's sticker books are a great place to look, not just second hand. They can be pretty cheap even from new, like this one below that I found for £3 in The Works. £3 might sound like quite a lot, but for the amount of stickers that are inside it is worth it! Make sure if you go down this route, that you check that you like at least 80% of the stickers and you know that you will use them. It's quite easy to get distracted by the price, and then you don't use them because you bought in the moment, which defeats the object of a bargain!
I was so happy when I found this sticker book, it looks super girly and child-like, but I don't care because I love most of the stickers inside! There are a lot of animal stickers, and I probably won't use them all, but I know I will use all of the other cute ones, so it is worth it!

Above are some examples of how I have used the stickers in my bullet journal, and how great they are at brightening up a page! And to think that each little sticker only cost 3p each, makes me a happy little bunny.

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